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Kerry James

Director : Camera Operator : Editor

FAN TRAILER: 'StarCraft 'the Hunt for Kerigan''

FAN TRAILER: StarCraft 'the Hunt for Kerrigan'

3 exciting days in the jungle with 2 cameras, and a few friends- just how I like it.

This was a wild one. Lots of firsts for me as far as problem solving and planning goes ;D Exciting. I joined up with RP WhaBam to bring Mike Parkerson's StarCraft trailer to life.

'Published on 8 Mar 2013
This week we put together a live action video of one of our favorites video games ever: StarCraft! I hope you like it :)' -- RP WhaBam

My first time directing, shooting, and editing fast action. I must give all credit for the CG work to Mike- Ae still eludes me.
Gained an enormous passion for sound design which was probably the most fun thing to build on this project. No good at music...yet- scored by Mike.
The gunshots and nuke sound were super fun for me :D

Yeah Stacey Roy! - Gohst